Good/Yello 4-Piece Self Defense Chain

Good/Yello 4-Piece Self Defense Chain

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Includes: stun gun, alarm, no-touch gadget, & hand sanitizer


~ Keychain Stun Gun w/ flashlight

A shock that causes unbearable pain!

*TO USE* Push switch to “On” then, slide main button forward to tase or push down for flashlight.

  • Input Voltage: 7.2VDC
  • Weight: 70g
  • Size: 85 x 30 x 12mm
  • Use: Lighting & Powerful Shock
  • Charging time: 10-12 hrs


~ Alarm w/ flashlight

Loud enough to catch attention of people nearby when in need!

*TO USE* Pull out the black cord to set off, push back in to deactivate. Push button on top for flashlight.

  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Volume: 130 dB (Extremely Loud!)
  • LED light


~ Rhinestone No-Touch Gadget

Reduces the need to touch keypads, door handles, and touch screens where bacteria and viruses may be.


~Hand Sanitizer

  • 70% Alcohol


~ Puff Ball

  • Faux fur


~ Lanyard & Bottle holder

  • Material: Neoprone